Why is HUAWEI Matebook X Pro not perfect?

Let's see the newest Huawei's laptop:


The laptop itself must be amazing. I wanted to buy laptop once and I must admit that products for more than 1500 Euro always lack something. This product was flawless, had everything I was looking for. If it's so perfect, why its promo web page is not perfect? It has 2 flaws:

On this picture you can see that laptop's lid was not named properly or the USB-A port is hidden somewhere inside the lid. All other arrows point to the center of other ports except one. That's an easy to fix thing. As well as low resolution image present here:

I can understand that most of the users probably won't see this in 1920p but I do, and I wanted to buy this laptop. I can understand even that this picture is supposed to show some architectural sketch. That's fine, but the hand approves my theory about bad-resolution-is-the-reason.

Why simple pages about extraordinary products are not perfect?

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